American Citizens is a group of people in Ogle and Lee county Illinois who wanted to help fellow citizens more easily understand all the ways the government affects us and all the offices we are expected to vote for at election time. We also work to educate people of all ages on “civics”, so they can be better prepared to be involved in their community, county, state and national government.

We made this website because we believe that it’s exceedingly difficult to find accurate and complete information on all the things a citizen needs to know to be able to vote and participate in their local county state and federal governments. As a result many people, too many people in our opinion, do not participate in government and that results in people being involved in government who do not really represent the will of the people.

Our purpose is two fold;

one, to make it as easy for you to find all the various information that you need to know to be an informed voter and

two, to explain what we see as the important characteristics of good government so that you can decide to vote however it is that you think is best.

The website is a resource, providing objectively true information about all the institutions within the government and the offices you vote for to run those institutions. We have listed every office you vote for and given a brief description of what they are supposed to do for you. The people in our “American Citizens” group obviously have personal views about politics, but we intentionally separate them from our resources, so that anyone of any political perspective can use the website to easily investigate every aspect of how those in government affect their life.

An office is not a human being; the person in an office is not the office they are just stewards of the law, they are officers. They don’t rule or govern us, they administer the responsibilities of the office they hold and that office is not defined by them it is defined by law. Together we elect them to represent us to preserve the law and help us live together under the law.