April 2024 Community Chat “Government and Social Conformity”

Join us for our inaugural Community Chat and the first in the series “What is an American Citizen?”

What you can expect: Thursday, April 4th, doors open at 7 and the presentation at 7:30-8:30.

Free refreshments

1. 7:30 Welcome and Introduction (who we are) (3 minutes) 2. 7:33 Overview of Monthly Community Chats (what to expect) (3 minutes)

3. Introduction of This Month’s Topic (5 minutes) Initial Story Viewing short video (2 minutes)

5. Breakout Group Discussions (20 minutes) 6. Group Reconvening and Feedback Session (10 minutes)

7. Conclusion of the Story Viewing (3 minutes) 8. Final Feedback and Discussion (10 minutes)

9. Closing Remarks and Preview of Next Meeting (5 minutes)

10. Informal Networking (Optional)

Total Meeting Time: Approximately 60 minutes (plus additional time for informal networking)

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