April 2024 Community Chat “Government and Social Conformity”

Join us for our inaugural Community Chat and the first in the series “What is an American Citizen?”

What you can expect: Thursday, April 4th, doors open at 7 and the presentation at 7:30-8:30.

Free refreshments

7:30 Welcome and Introduction (who we are) (3 minutes) 7:35 Overview of Monthly Community Chats (what to expect) (3 minutes)

7:40 Introduction of This Month’s Topic (5 minutes) Initial Story Viewing short video (2 minutes)

7:45 Breakout Group Discussions (20 minutes) 8:05 Group Reconvening and Feedback Session (10 minutes)

8:15 Conclusion of the Story Viewing (3 minutes) Final Feedback and Discussion (10 minutes)

8:30 Closing Remarks and Preview of Next Meeting (5 minutes)

10. Informal Networking (Optional)

Total Meeting Time: Approximately 60 minutes (plus additional time for informal networking)