The Lieutenant Governor of Illinois holds an important position within the state government and serves as the second-highest-ranking official after the Governor. Here is a description of the job responsibilities of the Illinois Lieutenant Governor:

  1. Succession and Acting as Governor: The Lieutenant Governor serves as the first in line to succeed the Governor in the event of resignation, impeachment, death, or incapacitation. In such cases, the Lieutenant Governor assumes the role of Acting Governor and exercises the powers and duties of the Governor.
  2. Advisor to the Governor: The Lieutenant Governor acts as an advisor to the Governor, providing input on policy matters, legislation, and the overall governance of the state. They may participate in cabinet meetings, policy discussions, and collaborate with the Governor’s office on various initiatives.
  3. Representing the Governor and the State: The Lieutenant Governor represents the Governor and the state of Illinois on official occasions and public events. They may attend functions, deliver speeches, and engage with constituents, organizations, and other government officials on behalf of the administration.
  4. Legislative Role: The Lieutenant Governor has a role in the legislative process. They can preside over the Illinois Senate, casting tie-breaking votes if necessary. They may also advocate for specific policies, introduce legislation, and work with legislators to promote the Governor’s agenda.
  5. Public Engagement and Outreach: The Lieutenant Governor plays a crucial role in engaging with the public and fostering relationships with communities across the state. They may address concerns, meet with constituents, and promote initiatives related to economic development, education, healthcare, and other areas of importance.
  6. Special Assignments: The Lieutenant Governor can be assigned specific responsibilities by the Governor. These assignments may involve leading task forces, commissions, or special projects focused on specific policy areas or issues facing the state.

It’s important to note that the Lieutenant Governor’s specific duties and level of involvement can vary depending on the administration and the priorities set by the Governor. The Lieutenant Governor’s role is crucial in supporting the Governor’s agenda, ensuring continuity of leadership, and representing the state’s interests both within and outside of Illinois. Click here to contact the Lieutenant Governor’s office.