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American Citizens, Teaching Citizens About Their Nation


American Citizens, Teaching Citizens About Their Nation

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American Citizens

American Citizens is a non-partisan organization committed to strengthening our Constitutional Republic. Helping you understand your nation through the lens of CIVICS, not PARTISAN POLITICS. Civics is all about understanding how your government is structured and what part you can play as a citizen; it is NOT about telling you what candidate you should vote for or what party is the best.

Our mission is to explain all the offices a voter will need to know about without trying to convince them which candidate they should or shouldn’t support. Select from the menu to learn about any office from local all the way up to national.

Our monthly Community Chat event is held every first Thursday of the month. Refreshments and stimulating conversation included, all free of charge. (See events page for location.)


Get Involved

Ready to dive into the civics of our Constitutional Republic? Join us at our monthly in-person Community Chats! Engage with fellow citizens passionate about strengthening our nation. Connect with like-minded individuals committed to civic improvement and community empowerment. We eagerly anticipate discussing these vital topics with you before or after each Community Chat event.